Písek Town

Písek power station

Just a few steps from our hotel you can visit one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in the country.

Reference electrical engineering and an inventor František Křižík, the power station was after extensive renovation in 1994 again placed in service in June 1997, and the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the lighting of the first light bulb in the Písek, first visitors could insight into the museum of lighting the city, where you can see old and still functional device.

Prácheň museum Písek

About 2 minutes walk away is Prácheňské Museum. To can see Prehistory and the time Slavonic, origins of the castle and the town of Pisek. The history of the region, protected areas, mineral resources, cultural traditions of Písek, Gold in the Otava, Fish and Fisheries (which is a unique exposition of living creatures in the museum), countryside of Písek in the 19th century and image gallery of Czech rulers.

In addition, the museum has a space for temporary exhibitions.

Dean´s Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The church was built by the initiative of the Czech King Pisek-Zvikov building works around the forties to the sixties of the 13th century. Tower Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary is open to visitors with a beautiful view of the entire city and its surroundings. Points of interest are the church clock, which have economic reasons in reverse established raffia: small shows minutes and the big hours.

A tour of the tower must be BOOKED in advance.

Stone bridge

It is a national monument and a jewel of the city.Construction of the bridge was undoubtedly started in the second half of the 13th century, but the first written mention of the bridge comes from the year 1348, in the reign of Charles IV.
Perfect for a night walk when the bridge and his surroundings are very nicely illuminated.

Sladovna - a Playful Gallery

Sladovna is open cultural space, which hosts mainly experiential exhibitions for families with children. In this newly renovated building of the former malt house, located in the historic center of the city, there are two permanent exhibitions (Radek Pilař and the Footsteps of the illustration) and four exhibition halls.

Provincial stud farm

Families with children will appreciate the opportunity to tour the stables and horses in the cultural memory of our stud farm. Regular tours of the stables shall be held from April to October, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14.00 h.

Tours on Saturday and Sunday are only possible by appointment. Tours on the weekend must be ORDERED each weekday. Phone for booking +420 723 358 036 or +420 382 214 121.

Surroundings of Písek

Fairytale forge Selibov

Midway between Písek and Protivín in the middle of the picturesque village Selibov there was built house together by the water sprite and fairies from the Tálín Pond, elves and other fairytale creatures. But who wants to see with his own eyes, must summon the courage to enter the mysterious Fairytale forge.

Distance from Písek: 9 km

Protivín Crocodile Zoo

Protivin Crocodile Zoo behaves and breeds endangered and critically endangered species of crocodiles for a long time. As the first in Europe has bred Cuban crocodile. You can see real rarities from the realm of crocodiles, alligators, gharials, caimans and snakes and exposure pups.

Distance from Písek: 15 km

Zvíkov Castle

první poloviny 13.století. Zvíkov is one of the most important buildings of Czech medieval secular architecture.It is poetically called the "king of Czech castles". Establishment of the castle is connected with the genus Přemyslovci and dated to the first half of the 13th century.

In summer it is possible to visit the theater. Evening performances are held at the palace courtyard, an afternoon in the castle grounds.

Distance from Písek: 26 km

Chateau Orlík

Chateau Orlík is located in the northern part of Písek region.Orlik chateau itself stands on a cliff above the Eagle Dam.Part of the building is adapted to the tour route. The interior of the chateau form a valuable furniture, paintings, porcelain, collection of weapons, medals and orders, trophies and more. Orlik chateau is one of the most popular tourist sites in southern Bohemia.You can also visit the Schwarzenberg tomb located about 2.5 km from the chateau.

Distance from Písek: 40 km

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