The hotel is located in a quiet part of the historic center of Pisek with river views. There are 14 rooms fromsingle to triple rooms with extra beds.

Lunch menu

Every week we prepare for you in time 11:00-14:00 hours offer of meals for a bargain price. You can also choose from the permanent menu. Lunch is also distributed.
We will bring you food from our restaurant directly to your home or company. We transport food in special boxes, to ensure that food will reach you warm and tasty.

Písek power station

Just a few steps from our hotel you can visit one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in the country.

Reference electrical engineering and an inventor František Křižík, the power station was after extensive renovation in 1994 again placed in service in June 1997, and the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the lighting of the first light bulb in the Písek, first visitors could insight into the museum of lighting the city, where you can see old and still functional device.

Prácheň Museum in Písek

About 2 minutes walk away is Prácheňské Museum. To can see Prehistory and the time Slavonic, origins of the castle and the town of Pisek. The history of the region, protected areas, mineral resources, cultural traditions of Písek, Gold in the Otava, Fish and Fisheries (which is a unique exposition of living creatures in the museum), countryside of Písek in the 19th century and image gallery of Czech rulers.

In addition, the museum has a space for temporary exhibitions.